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2014 Summer College Institute Information

Please find your information regarding Summer College Institute below:

Nanwalek & Port Graham Final Packets

Ninilchik Final Packets

Overnighter Letter (Nanwalek, Ninilchik, Port Graham, Tyonek & Seldovia Students)

Nikolaevsk Final Packets

Razdolna & Voznesenka Final Packets

Tyonek Final Packet

As part of the Summer institute we are asking you to bring an object with you, one that you can easily carry with you.  Some thing that represents “home” to you.  You can interpret home however you like.  Rather than you choosing an object, let it choose you. Do not worry too much.  Have fun and try this exercise.  Hold the idea of home softly and pay attention, look around your house or village. Some thing will catch your eye and say “take me”  If you keep looking and the original object keeps catching your eye again and again you will know that it is the one.  We will use these for an activity during the institute and we want everyone to participate. Don’t forget!

For more information, please feel free to contact Mike Petersen @ 907-299-0074 or
Bonnie Pierce @ 907-394-1362