College Access

At the Middle and High School level, College Access provides structural, motivational, and experiential support to students, preparing them for high school graduation and successful postsecondary transition and completion.  It consists of four components:

  1. Academic Rigor – To ensure that high school curriculum prepares students for college entrance, PGKP Instructional Coaches supply technical assistance and mobilize resources to support professional development of teachers and to strengthen and diversify academic curricular offerings.  PGKP also provides student tutoring for the schools during and after the school day to ensure students succeed.
  2. Academic Enrichment & College/Career Awareness – To increase awareness of varied postsecondary education and career options, PGKP hosts students at college and career fairs, organizes field trips to technical and university campuses, and personalizes education by arranging for mentors and job shadows.  Annual Summer Institutes, situated on a college campus and taught in part by college faculty, provide academic enrichment and opportunity for rural students to experience college life in a supportive atmosphere, demystifying the experience and positioning college as a realistic possibility.
  3. Parental Engagement – PGKP offers family night activities and workshops to help parents take an active role in their children’s college preparation, including information on career planning, the college application process, and financial aid.
  4. Affordability – PGKP helps make college more affordable by guiding parents through the process of applying for financial aid, including completing the Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and indeed offering a GRAD Scholarship to all students who meet PGKP graduation requirements.