Youth Leadership

Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leaders

The KPBSD started the Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leadership (KP/NYL) Program to nurture and guide emerging Native Youth Leaders among the Middle School, Junior High and High School students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

The goal of the Native Youth Leadership program is to provide students the opportunities necessary to learn leadership skills, while having pride in their culture. Leadership skills enhance students’ personal, academic, extracurricular, and tribal-community involvements.

KP/NYL members are encouraged and guided in personal growth while developing leadership skills that are essential for academic and post-secondary career success.

Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leaders learn to utilize and weave their leadership expertise into both their traditional and conventional lives. Native Youth Leaders honor their culture and are empowered in their diversity. Please click on the following links to learn more:

What is NYL?

NYL Pupose Flyer- HANDOUT

NYL Life Long Leadership Skills – HANDOUT

KP-NYL – Requirements -Info HANDOUT

How do I join?

NYL Member -Part – Media FORM

KP-NYL Contact Info. Student & Guardian FORM

KP- NYL Student Questionaire FORM

Project GRAD Code of Conduct

Distirct Delegate Membership Application FORM

High School Leadership Credit Criteria

NYL Credit Criteria -STUDENT FORM

NYL Govt. Meeting Requirement -STUDENT FORM

NYL Student Lead Activity-STUDENT FORM


NYL Community Service-STUDENT FORM

NYL Addition Leadership Involvement -STUDENT FORM

Middle School Team Criteria